6 Reasons Why A Professional Headshot Is Essential for Any Solopreneur or Freelance Business Owner [INFOGRAPHIC]

The UK is in the midst of a ‘Start-Up Revolution’ which is seeing record numbers of people setting-up new businesses. As a business owner, you might be wondering; ‘Do I Need A Professional Headshot?’ This infographic is here to answer that question – explaining why a pro headshot is an essential marketing asset for any start-up, small business owner, solopreneur or freelance professional.

Full copy, even more reasons why a pro headshot will benefit your business and sources of featured stats is provided below the infographic.

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Why a pro headshot is essential for any business owner, solopreneur, freelancer

YOU are the business owner. YOU are the face of your business.

76% of businesses don’t employ any staff, and the trend is showing no sign of slowing. (Source: Federation Of Small Businesses – FSB). 

People do business with people they know, like and trust. For this reason; don’t present them with a faceless brand but instead use a professional portrait (‘headshot’) photo that conveys you as smart, approachable and friendly.

Make a great first impression (you get just ONE chance)

First impressions are formed within 7 seconds. 55% of that first impression is based on visual appearance (Source: The Harvard Study Of Communications)

Our first impressions of people in photographs influence our perception of those people even after we’ve interacted with them personally. (Source: Business Insider)

Invest in your personal brand – secure more work

Potential clients and collaborators who have never met you will be much more likely to agree to that all-important initial meeting once they’ve seen that you are professional, friendly and approachable. Furthermore; headshots are not just for managers anymore, everybody needs one; because with a great headshot, you convey your unique personality and open doors to more opportunities.

Be memorable

A fabulous professional portrait photo will make you stand out in the crowd and provide an aide memoir to business contacts who may have met you only fleetingly at an event. Also, consistently styled photos will link all of your marketing assets together to make your brand instantly recognisable.

LinkedIn members with profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos. (Source: LinkedIn).

Look your best

A professional photographer has all of the skills and equipment to make you look your best. Just 30 minutes of your time spent with a photographer will save you potentially hours of time on a learning curve, trying to achieve adequate results using your mobile phone or camera.

Discover endless uses for your photos

Once you get your hands on those images you’ll realise that they’re useful for many, many purposes.

Research has shown that placing your photo beside a written request is almost as powerful as making a verbal request – therefore, you’re much more likely to get a positive response by using a headshot.

Ready to go?

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