Edit Photos Like A Pro – Using Instagram

Edit Photos Like a Pro Using Instagram | Professional Photographer Horbury Wakefield West Yorkshire | pro Photography TipsI’ve noticed that Instagram has some pretty fabulous photo editing tools these days, and they get better with every update of the app. Many of us grab a mobile phone before a camera when we want to capture a moment – even during special or unique occasions such as holidays. So, it’s handy to know that Instagram’s quick and simple image editing features can make those pictures really striking within just a few minutes. What’s more, there’s no obligation to post them on the live site either!

First things first

Check through some basic photography rules to capture a great photo. Firstly, snap your photo outside of the Instagram app. – your phone’s built-in camera will give you much better image resolution. When taking the picture, keep your composition simple and use your phone grid to place your subject off-centre (a technique called the ‘Rule of Thirds’). Essentially, look for a decent light source – natural light is always best, so try to seek out a window if you’re indoors.

Switch your phone to flight mode

This setting disrupts your internet/data connection and takes you offline. If you just want to edit in Instagram, without publishing the final picture, then this is the way to go. Once you hit publish, your edited photo will drop into your phone’s photo library. (Remember to delete the publish queue in the Instagram app before you go back online.)


Instagram Lux Filter | Edit photos using Instagram | Professional photographer Horbury Wakefield Yorkshire

Instagram takes you into a screen with a carousel from which you can choose a filter for your photo. You’ll notice that many bloggers and brands are currently opting for one consistent filter on all of their published photos, which gives their feed a consistent look. Filters can highlight particular features in your image, lend a whimsical or ‘old skool’ feel or greater depth, texture and warmth. [Top Tip: Check out the ‘Lux’ option too, it sits outside of the carousel in the sunshine icon at the top of your screen.]

Into the editing suite

You might be quite happy with your image by now but a little tinkering with these settings can lend extra polish. Sometimes just a slight adjustment to sharpness and exposure alone will work some magic and create a stunning photograph. Here are my favourite settings;

  • Brightness/Saturation

    These can bring out the detail in photos taken in darker settings. Take care to keep your image natural and as close to reality as possible.

  • Structure

    Increases sharpness and contrast, to give your image added definition. This can look a little clunky when paired with certain filters, and it’s not great for photos that feature people. However, it can work wonders with photos of water or cityscapes and straight lines.

  • Warmth

    Some cameras can skew colours, making them cooler or warmer than you see with your own eyes. This setting can be handy if you want to get closer to reality.

  • Vignette

    Can make clouds look fluffier and skies appear absolutely vibrant. Where shadows are obscured by a filter, this can be great for bringing back some definition.

  • Adjust

    This is useful for straightening wonky lines, such as drain pipes or windows on buildings. Beware though; it stretches the edge of the photo, so does lead to a mis-representation of the real image.

  • Colour

    Adds a coloured filter to make a sky bluer, a sunset redder … You get the idea!

I hope you have fun playing with Instagram’s editing features – and if you spot something new or different, I’d love to hear from you!

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